Crown Armouries Ltd have been involved in the film and television Industry for over 10 years. As an approved BBC and Option one contractor for armoury requirements, we have supplied armourers and correct period weapons from pre World War I to the present day.

We have full Home Office licensing to provide prohibited weapons and a comprehensive engineering workshop where all our blank adaptions, restorations, and repairs are carried out. Several of our armourers are former military and are trained to the highest level in the field of small arms.

All of our armourers and are motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude and we pride ourselves on our professionalism within the industry, going the extra distance for producers’ and directors’ requirements.

We take on challenging projects which other companies reject and provide innovative solutions to technical experiments and on-set problems.

While many companies supply weapons for film and TV, we are in the unique position of offering a working armoury of over 3,000 weapons, advisors specialising in militaries and conflicts from WWI to the present, plus indoor, live-firing facilities for filming.

Crown Armouries also works with companies specialising in special effects and pyrotechnics suited to military productions and can produce effects from a rain rig to an artillery barrage, a rocket-propelled grenade attack to a strafing run from an aircraft.

We also have close contacts with companies who can supply armoured vehicles including American WWII M4 Sherman and M24 Chaffee tanks alongside more modern armour such as FV107 Scimitar and FV101 Scorpion. They also have tank workshops where the filming of the restoration process can be seen.

I personally have exceptionally good connections at the RAC Museum Bovington which houses the finest collection of armour in the world. We also have close colleagues with working artillery from WWI, WWII and more up to date equipment.

We are a committed company who have never failed to deliver on a requirement for either film or television while making some great friends along the way.

David Main
Managing Director, Crown Armouries Ltd.